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Ingmar Bergman: The Best of

Dreams. That is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Ingmar Bergman, the visionary Swedish director of film and theatre. It is his films, though, that continue to capture the imagination. From the nihilistic nightmares of The Seventh Seal to the colorful imaginings of The Magic Flute, Bergman imbues every film with a dreamlike quality, our hopes and fears projected on the screen to be examined, criticized, and celebrated.

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James Baldwin: The Best of

James Baldwin was one of the first to voice the concerns many people chose to ignore, he shed light on the most uncomfortable and portrayed it in a way people could easily relate and understand. In today's society, Baldwin’s voice and words ring true more than ever. Long since his passing, James Baldwin continues to influence millions, including celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Yara Shahidi and more. They share their support and love for Baldwin by spreading his word and image. 

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