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Stanley Kubrick Stitched T-Shirt

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Stanley Kubrick Stitched T-Shirt


This is the stitched Stanley Kubrick t-shirt. It's in very LIMITED supply that Marty manually sews himself with a thread & needle. Please give 1-2 weeks shipment. To properly wash: 1. Turn inside-out and use 2. cold water in washer and then 3. HANG DRY to preserve the quality of stitch, fabric and print.

Maybe you fell in love with Kubrick after watching the wondrous “Dawn of Man” scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey, or the terrifying, iconic moment in The Shining--“Heeeere’s Johnny!” As well as other greats such as A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove and more.

For his part, Marty has always loved Kubrick’s work and connected with the filmmaker’s odd-man-out personality. From an early age, Kubrick was shunned by his peers and deemed “the kid in the playground that nobody wanted to play with,” and Marty wanted to commemorate the great auteur’s eccentric view of the world.

The deep, darker colors that infuse this portrait reflect the strange, eerie quality of the great auteur’s mind and cinematic aesthetic.

Favorite film: Paths of Glory