Albert Camus Women’s T-Shirt | Em and Ahr
Albert Camus Women’s T-Shirt | Em and Ahr

Albert Camus Women’s T-Shirt

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Albert Camus Women's T-Shirt

Few figures of twentieth-century French culture carry such an air of romance and intrigue as Albert Camus. This Albert Camus t-shirt is to commemorate the writer Albert Camus, who had an inspirational impact on Marty and directly altered his way of thinking on life. This is our women's fitted Albert Camus t-shirt of the Albert Camus design.
On October 16, 1957, Albert Camus was dining in a small restaurant on Paris's Left Bank when a waiter approached him with the news: the radio had just announced that Camus had won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Camus insisted that a mistake had been made and that others were far more deserving of the honor than he. Yet Camus was already recognized around the world as the voice of a generation―a status he had achieved with dizzying speed. He published his first novel, The Stranger, in 1942 and emerged from the war as the spokesperson for the Resistance and, although he consistently rejected the label, for existentialism. Subsequent works of fiction (including the novels The Plague and The Fall), philosophy (notably, The Myth of Sisyphus and The Rebel), drama, and social criticism secured his literary and intellectual reputation. And then on January 4, 1960, three years after accepting the Nobel Prize, he was killed in a car accident.


 Favorite book: The Stranger, The Rebel, The Trial, and various literature ~ too many to count!

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With its crisp, detailed design and snug fabric, this t-shirt will soon become an everyday favorite.
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