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Akira Kurosawa Women's T-Shirt

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Akira Kurosawa Women's T-Shirt

Akira Kurosawa spanned more than five decades, during which he directed more than thirty movies, many of them indisputable classics: RashomonIkiruSeven SamuraiThe Hidden FortressThrone of Blood, and Yojimbo, among others. During the height of his creative output, Kurosawa became one of the most influential and well-known directors in the world, inspiring filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and movies such as The Magnificent SevenThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; and Star Wars.

In the portrait, Marty depicts Kurosawa in his signature proletarian hat and glasses, and the bottom left of the design bears the quote, “Like a salmon, I cannot forget where I was born”--reflecting Kurosawa’s philosophy of staying true to one’s roots.


Favorite film: Ikiru
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With its crisp, detailed design and snug fabric, this t-shirt will soon become an everyday favorite.

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